Next Meeting
Nov 16, 2011 we will meet at the Kane County Court House.  Everyone come and bring a friend! We are meeting one week early due to Thanksgiving.
                                 Next Trail Ride
Sunday, Nov. 6 we will meet at the Stagestop at 9:00.  We will be going to the barracks and Elephant Buttes.  Contact Don or Richard for details.

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Recent and Upcoming Events
Canyon Country 4x4 Club
Kanab, Utah

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August 8
Over 3,500 people went to Salt Lake City for the Capitol Rally.  Thank you Everyone who attended! 
For Information go to
   Canyon Country 4x4 Club Members Met with
"At Your Leisure TV Crew."
Helping To Keep our Trails Open At Lake Powell!
Send in your comment before Nov. 30th.!!!
Oct. Club Ride To The Monkey House!!!
Great Day!
Fall Ride 2010
Aug. 14 & 15 we had our annual Fall Ride.  There were a few mechanical problems, but everyone had a great time.  Thank you Richard & Patsy, Harold & Sheila Sutton, Don Kramer, and Don & Joanne Black for the Chili Dinner!  Thank you Patsy for being a "Super Ticket Seller."  Thank you also to Patsy, Richard and Don Black for the Great Prizes."

    We want to thank members who manned our Canyon Country 4x4 Booth at Western Legends.  Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and showed support for our worth while projects.
    Congratulations to Harold Sutton who won the winch and recommend Eastwood's VSC .