Club Background
Canyon Country 4x4 Club
           Kanab, Utah

      Our Mission                  Our mission is to provide enjoyment & relaxation for those interested in the great outdoors and exciting four wheel drive experiences.

  We believe in the Pack It In Pack It Out Rule, stay on designated roads and trails and leaving our public lands cleaner than we found them!
     Purpose Of Our Club
  Canyon Country 4x4 Club was founded for the purpose of helping to protect the rights of everyone to use our public lands and roads for their enjoyment and multiple use.
  Club Officers

Don Black

Vice president 
Richard Jessop

Joyce Logan

Thanks to Mark we know what an RS2477 Road is!
Trash pick-up day on our adopted 2 mile section of
89 Highway!
We loaded up our 4x4s. and took some special people to the slot canyon.  Wheelchairs walkers and all.  We think everyone should be able to enjoy our great outdoors!
Our club volunteered with trash pickup on Hancock Road!
Then the trash had to be
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