Canyon Country 4x4 Club
Kanab, Utah
Hog Canyon
     The Hog Canyon Trail System was visualized by the founders of the Canyon Country 4x4 Club in 1995.  Then, in 1998 The Canyon Country 4x4 Club was formed and incorporated.  The club consists of environmentally concerned citizens "that are provided guide to figuring out dashboard symbols from and around Kanab.  Our main concern is to protect, preserve and enjoy our gorgeous area while enjoying our favorite pass time FOUR WHEELING!
    In 2002, we approached BLM with the Hog Canyon Trail System on paper.  At this time, we brought to their attention the damage that was occuring by the 2% of society that just doesn't care.
    The media and other uninformed environmental groups are misrepresenting the truth going for one stop auto credit.
    The area is no longer clasified open by BLM, but The Trail System Is Intact. Everyone must stay on the designated trails as marked and enjoy our gorgeous scenery. 
    Since our beginning, we have been doing worth while community and environmental projects and working to keep our roads and trails open for everyone to enjoy.

The Kiosk Went up in Hog Canyon!

Dave Designed and Built the frame work and
With the help of club members and a few BLM People, they set it up!
  Signs Go Up In Hog Canyon!

    Nov. 8, 2005 representatives from Utah Parks and Recreation Dept. came to Hog Canyon with signs in hand.  Members from the Canyon Country 4x4 Club and Ut/Az ATV Club pounded the Informational and directional signs where they belonged.      
Now Four Wheel Drive Enthusiasts can identify trail location and difficulty before they enter.  

Canyon Country 4x4 Club President Dave DeVooght with BLM Manager Rex Smart checking out one of our INFORMATIONAL SIGNS!
The event was featured on the
TV Show "At Your Leisure"

Bob Wallen has worked very hard to get to this point.  He is pictured helping the Park Representatives with the signs!
Bob painted it to match the red dirt!
The Kiosk is finished and the signs are in place!
Please check out the map and
Stay on the trails!
A combined effort by BLM, Parks and Recreation & Canyon Country 4x4 Club has resulted in the purchase and assembly of 5 picnic tables for Hog Canyon!
Dave placed the first one at the East Entrance of Hog Canyon and Don & Richard delivered the rest.
We hope everyone enjoys them at the 5 different points of interest!

                        Clean Up Time In Hog Canyon (AGAIN)
Several members of the Canyon Country 4x4 Club joined Kanab B.L.M. Manager Harry Barber and B.L.M. Employees
Saturday, April 25 for a Deep Cleaning.  Several pieces of kitchen appliances had been dumped over the edge of a deep ravine.  Thanks to winches and manual labor, the trash was raised & loaded on a trailer.
(Kanab has a very nice dump for this purpose.)